BIKE CENTER is a registered brand with an 18-year tradition, under ownership of ARCADIA SPORT D.O.O. *.
We believe in hard work, so we always try to do the best of ourselves. We invest all our efforts and love for cycling in order to be successful. We continuously strive to improve in all areas. We enjoy it on the path we have chosen and look forward to the future.

In our online shop and in Maribor we offer customers high quality products and services. Our product range includes a large selection of bicycles, bicycle accessories, spare parts and fitness equipment. Our repair shop maintains / repairs bicycles of all brands.

Austrian customers may also know us as BIKE CENTER GRAZ. We used to do business in Graz. Now we work as an online shop that we manage from Maribor. Since Maribor and Graz are close together, we can also send bicycles personally to Graz and the surrounding area.

Erjavčeva ulica 5
SI-2000 Maribor
Tel: (02) 420 18 36

Business information::
VAT: SI95196234
Raiffeisenbank Straß – Spielfeld
IBAN: AT82 3842 0000 0004 6144
Manager: Mrs Mojca Pisanec

* What does ARCADIA SPORT mean?
ARCADIA: In the Renaissance, which ended the dark ages of the Middle Ages, Arcadia was an idyllic place, similar to Utopia, where people lived in harmony with nature, without the corruption of civilization, destroying everything before it at the cost of progress. So our actions are in harmony with nature and represent a departure from the bare banging of goods.
SPORT: is an activity that combines movement and skills. Cycling is movement and also a skill.
ARCADIA SPORT = activity consistent with nature